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Membership of Whitehaven & District Beekeepers includes membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and keeps you in touch with beekeeping nationally as well as locally.

Our association organises summer and winter programs of events and meetings. We welcome people old and new to beekeeping and have just opened a new association apiary to help us to promote and encourage good beekeeping. We have Beekeepers as far South as Coniston and as far North as Bridekirk; all are welcome


We have a library of books available by prior arrangement

Membership Fees are as follows:

32 for full membership (including membership fees of the BBKA)

37 for family membership (including membership fees of the BBKA for the first named member)

5 for associate membership

To join, please download the membership application form or for more information please contact one of the association committee members (Contacts).


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Benefits of BBKA membership include:

Membership Card

  1. Information and advice on beekeeping
  2. Public and Product Liability Insurance for Members BBKA Insurance FAQ's
  3. Monthly Membership Magazine - BBKA News
  4. Beekeeping Examinations to the highest level
  5. Representation at a National and International level
  6. Annual Spring Convention and Exhibition
  7. Audio Visual Aids and Slide Libraries
  8. Brood Diseases Insurance through BDI Ltd

Your membership gives you public liability insurance up to 10,000,000 in addition the insurance covers product liability up to 10,000,000. An overall limit of 25,000,000 applies to all claims under this policy in a policy year.

Brood Diseases Insurance (through BDI Ltd) covers beekeepers for losses arising from disease. This insurance is available at Branch level only, meaning that if a branch opts in then all members must obtain cover. This branch has opted in, and the 2 basic premium has been included in your membership fee.

BDI insurance becomes effective each year from the time that the member's association receives his or her membership subscription and any additional BDI premium is received. Premiums are paid in respect of the calendar year, 1st January to 31st December, irrespective of the date on which they are actually paid. However, cover will not commence until 40 days have elapsed from the payment of the premium, where such payment is made after 31st March. This is known as the 40-day rule.

Beekeeping members can insure more colonies for the following additional premiums:
Up to 5 colonies (including the basic three) an additional 2.00
Up to 10 colonies (including the basic three) an additional 5.25
Up to 15 colonies (including the basic three) an additional 7.75
Up to 20 colonies (including the basic three) an additional 9.50
Up to 25 colonies (including the basic three) an additional 11.10

Be warned that your membership of BBKA will lapse if subs are not paid by the end of February. BDI premiums not paid by the end of March will result in loss of cover for 40 days after the premium is paid. If you have more colonies that you have paid the premium for then you lose all cover.